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Central Kansas District

Upcoming Programs

Tractor Safety Courses

May 8th - Smith Center, KS - Register HERE
May 22nd - Minneapolis, KS - Register HERE

Cattle Conversation Series - Part 2 -Register HERE

* Every Thursday in April at 10am
April 1 - Spring Burning Practices
April 8 - Pasture Weed Control
April 15 - Troubleshooting Pasture Lameness
April 22 - Green Algae Research/Studies
April 29 - Providing adequate water to grazing livestock

Past Programs

Pasture Management and Weed Control - watch HERE

Topics covered:
- Pasture management guidelines
- Grazing strategies
- Weed control recommendations and identification
Cattle Marketing and Tax Program - watch HERE
Topics covered:
-Marketing calves at fall weaning then wintering them for the spring market
-End of the year tax planning
Cattle Conversation Series
  • February 4th - Understanding pregnancy loss with Dr. Gregg Hanzlicek - watch HERE
  • February 11th - Post-calving nutrition with Dr. Blasi - watch HERE
  • February 18th - Post-calving health and vaccinations with Dr. AJ Tarpoff - watch HERE
  • February 25th - EPD and sire selection with Clint Laflin- Watch HERE

Cattle Conversation Series - Part 2

  • April 1st - Spring Burning Practices with Walter Fick - Watch HERE
  • April 8th - Thistle and Old World Bluestems with Keith Harmony - Watch HERE
  • April 15th - Troubleshooting Pasture Lameness with AJ TArpoff - Watch HERE