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Lawn & Garden

Upcoming Learning Opportunities

Become a Master Gardener Volunteer in 2019!  Training classes begin January 31st in Salina.  We still have spots available in the training course, so reserve a spot with the online form today!

Free presentation:  New flowers for 2019 with Arnold’s Greenhouse, January 23rd  6:30 pm KSU Polytechnic College Center Building.  Register online here

K-State Research and Extension has the resources to help you grow plants in the challenging and diverse Kansas environment.


Do you have a specific problem?

Our office is ready to help. You may bring in soil (for soil testing), turf, tree, weed, and insect samples to our offices for evaluation. Suggested treatments or solutions will be provided by Central Kansas District horticulture agent Jason Graves.

If you bring a plant sample, please bring a representative sample of the plant, preferably with several leaves on a branch or stem, including flowers, fruit, or other distinguishing characteristics. For lawn samples, bring in a 3" diameter core, including roots.

Pictures are very helpful in diagnosing plant problems.  Bring pictures in with the sample or email pictures to jlgraves@ksu.edu.  Multiple pictures are needed:  close ups of the specific problem, a picture of the entire plant and if possible a picture of the environment around the plant itself.

Commonly asked for resources:

Vegetables Publications

Tree Publications

Lawn Publications

Fruit Publications

Learn More

You may have heard of our Master Gardeners program or horticultural research and extension centers in Olathe, and  Haysville,

Find out what else you can learn from us by checking out our vast publications library.

Visit the KSU Horticulture Information Center for access to all resources!


Jason Graves
Horticulture Agent
Phone: 785-309-5850


2019 Master Gardener Training begins January 31, 2019.  If you are interested in becoming a Master Gardener Volunteer in the Central Kansas District fill out the online application here or fill out and mail in the printable version here.

New Flowers for 2019 with Arnold's Greenhouse.  January 23rd at 6:30 pm at the College Center Conference Room at KSU Polytechnic in Salina.  Free registration and map here  


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