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Please see Programs tab for all information and registration link.

Land Lease Program - Register HERE

Topics of discussion:

  • Rental rates
  • Crop lease basics
  • Pasture lease basics
  • Proper termination of a lease
  • Written vs Oral leases
  • Components of a good lease
  • Importance of good communication
  • Landlord & tenant relationships


  • Justine Henderson-  CKD Livestock Production Agent
  • Jay Wisbey - CKD Crop Production Agent

To register or for more information, call (785) 392-2147 or email jwh04@ksu.edu.


KDA Private & Commercial Pesticide Licence Information

Private Pesticide Licence - Private certification may be obtained by passing an open book examination at a county extension office (Minneapolis or Salina). Contact us in advance to ensure the office will be open and allow 2-3 hours to complete the examination. We will collect a $25 fee and mail the completed examination to KDA for grading so they can issue the certification card.

Private Pesticide Licence RENEWAL- Private applicator certification expires on the individual’s birthday in the 5th calendar year after it is issued. You will recieve a postcard before your renewal date with instrutions on how to renew. If you dnt recieve this or dont have it, visit HERE to pay yor renewal fee & take test.

Comercial Pesticide Licence - Applicants must pass the General examination and a category or subcategory examination to become certified (Commercial Applicator Certification Categories). Fees are $45 per examination. For the current pesticide commercial applicator examination schedule, go to the Pesticide Certification Exam Schedule.  Study Manuals for the exams are available at both Salina and Minneapolis Extension offices.



Central Kansas Extension is making it a priority to continue delivering programs, information, and education to you in the best way possible. In hopes of better reaching our ag community, we have created a YouTube channel. Current videos include Making the ARC or PLC Decision; Pasture Management and Weed Control Program; and Cattle Marketing and Tax Program. We will continue to add more videos, which will be emailed and linked to our website. If you’d like to be notified when new videos are posted or make it easier to find us, subscribe HERE!!!




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Justine Henderson
Livestock Production 
Phone: 785-392-2147




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