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Family Resource Management

What is Family and Consumer Science?

Through our Family and Consumer Sciences program, K-State Research and Extension provides knowledge for life relating to home and family. Through our programs, classes, publications, newsletters, columns, and much more, our agents provide you Knowledge for Life.

Here are some of the topics we can help with:

COVID-19 Response

K-State Research and Extension has resources for individuals and families wanting to make sure your financial life is in order.  It is always important to make sure your beneficiary designations are up-to-date and that property is titled properly.

Our Valuable Records
This is a fillable form that allows families to compile information about accounts, assets, and professionals they work with all in one place.

Advance Health Care Planning in Kansas
Life-threatening illnesses, such as COVID-19 bring to the forefront the importance of advance health care planning. This document contains information on advance directives, forms, and instructions for completing:

  • K.S.A. 58-632 Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions
  • HIPAA Privacy Authorization Form
  • K.S.A. 65-28, 103 Living Will Declaration 

Estate Planning

How Are You Doing? A Financial Checkup
A financial checkup is as important as a physical checkup. A regular check of financial health can identify problems, chart progress, and outline action steps to achieve goals. It can also provide motivation to change.


The Family Resource Management team across the State of Kansas has updated a series of When Your Income Drops publications. 

Many circumstances can lead to an abrupt reduction in income: a factory layoff or cutback, loss of a job, reduced farm income, or loss of a second income from a spouse. Just the threat of any of these situations is a severe blow to individuals and families struggling to survive economically in difficult times. The fact sheets in this series can help you begin to find your way when your income drops.

When Your Income Drops: Don't Panic -- Take Control

When Your Income Drops: Making Ends Meet

When Your Income Drops: Coping With Stress

When Your Income Drops: Community and Family Resources

When Your Income Drops: Sharpening Survival Skills


Article:  How to Handle a Furlough: Develop a Plan

Video:  Smart Uses for Your Economic Impact Payment 


Other resources:

K-State Research and Extension COVID-19 Resources

Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act on March 27. This Act has several provisions to help families during this pandemic. Government websites should provide the most reliable information. A few links are below.

Information on Economic Impact Checks and other tax relief is on the IRS Coronavirus Tax Relief site.

If you have lost your job, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. Learn more and apply through the Kansas Department of Labor at https://www.dol.ks.gov/.

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