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Central Kansas District

2020 Virtual Garden Tour

The 2020 Virtual Garden Tour was released in August 2020! In lieu of a ticket please consider a donation to help our Master Gardener Volunteers continue their horticulture outreach in the Central Kansas District.  tour 

We would especially like to thank our generous sponsors for partnering with the Master Gardeners to help us put together the Virtual Garden Tour for 2020. 

Due to not being able to sell tickets for the tour this year we would greatly appreciate any donation you can make in lieu of a ticket to help our volunteers to be able to continue their work and outreach in our community. Click here to donate

Money raised through donations goes toward yearly maintenance and planting of the Master Gardeners Public Demonstration Garden in Salina and other Master Gardener community projects including children’s and community Gardens, Master Gardener outreach events, fairs and more. Thank you for your support.

Local Access TV will be airing the Garden Tour:  https://www.salinatv.org/

August 10th: Garden #1: Here is the link to John and Sherry Bishop's Garden 'The Succulent Paradise'


August 17th:  Garden #2:  Here is the link to Terry and Elaine Ferguson’s Garden 'The Inviting Oasis'


August 24th:  Garden #3:  Here is the link to Rick and Angie Frisbie's Garden 'The Meandering Sanctuary'


August 31st:  Garden #4:  Here is the link to John and Linda Davis' Garden 'The Peaceful Garden Retreat'


Check out these educational resources that accompany the virtual Garden Tour:

Common Landscape problems

Container Gardening

Garden Rooms


Raised Bed Gardening