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Central Kansas District

2021 Tri-Rivers Fair

Superintendent / Assistant Superintendent Position DescriptionsSuperintendent / Assistant Superintendent Letter
Superintendent Meeting Recording
Fair Schedule (2020)
Fair Paper (2020)
Division Details not in Fair Paper 
Conference Judging Form  
Fair Newsletter (Coming in July!)  
Fair Grievance Information and Form  
Sponsors & Awards Information (Coming Soon!)
4-H Awards Common Questions & Answers  
Tri-Rivers Fair - Kansas State Fair Pre-Entries (Coming Soon!)

INTENT TO SELL - Due Thursday, August 6 at 8:30 p.m.

2021 Pre-Entries - Due July 1, 11:59 p.m.

Livestock Pre-Entry Forms

Breeding Beef
Market Beef

Bucket Calf

Dairy Cattle
Dairy Goat

Breeding Meat Goat
Market Meat Goat


Breeding Sheep
Market Sheep


Market Swine
Breeding Swine

Other Pre-Entry Forms

Fashion Revue
4-H Divisions Not Already Pre-Entered

2021 4-H King & Queen Information

Before preparing the resume, please read the King & Queen Guidelines and Details
King & Queen Online Application, Due June 1
King & Queen Informational Letter 
Resume Template #1
Resume Template #2
Resume and Essay Score Card
Interview Score Card
Thank You Note Score Card

Kansas State Fairbook  (non-livestock)  
Kansas State Fairbook  (livestock)Judges Score Cards


2020 Score Cards

Banner Score Card
Cat/Small Pet Score Cards
Energy Management Score Cards
Entomology Score Card
Fashion Revue Evaluation
Forestry Score Card
Geology/Lapidary Score Cards
Notebooks & Displays Score Card
Officer Notebooks Score Cards
Performing Arts Score Card
Photography Score Card
Project Notebooks Score Card
Rabbit Showmanship Scoresheet
Robotics Exhibit Score Sheet
Rocket Judging Score Sheet
Shooting Sports Score Card
SpaceTech - Displays, Notebooks, Posters
Wildlife Score Cards
Wood Science Score Card

Organizational Leaders

Superintendent Letters (May, 2020)

  • Foods Letter
  • Clothing, Fashion Revue, & Fiber Arts Letter
  • Visual & Performing Arts Letter

 Superintendent Letters (July, 2020)

  • 4-H Building Superintendent Duties
  • 4-H Livestock Superintendent Duties
  • Clothing & Fiber Arts Superintendent Letter
  • Foods Superintendent Letter & Schedule
  • Horse Superintendent & Participant Letter
  • Livestock Superintendent Letter
  • Visual Arts, Fiber Arts & Performing Arts Superintendent Letter

Fair Judging Schedules

  • Fashion Revue
  • Foods/Foods Preservation
  • Performing Arts 
  • Photography

Additional Fair Resources