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Central Kansas District

Organizational Leaders

Organizational Leader Updates

September 19, 7 p.m. in Salina and September 21, 7 p.m. in Minneapolis
January 18, 7 p.m. via Zoom
March 28, 7 p.m. via Zoom
June 20, 7 p.m. via Zoom

4-H Club Corner Resources
for Club Leaders & New Family Coordinators

The 4-H Club Meeting Wheel
Kansas 4-H Project Pathway
Youth Program Quality Principles
Welcoming New 4-H Members
4-H Greet Sheet
4-H Club Meeting Reflections
Creative Ideas to Enhance Club Meetings
Creative Roll Call Ideas
4-H Club Leader's Toolbox
4-H Club Meeting Agenda
A 4-H Project:  More than a Fair Entry
The Puzzle:  Putting a Meeting Together
Connecting New Families to 4-H
The 4-H Parents Committee
Virtual Team Building Activities, by Michelle Cummings

Leader Forms and Additional Information

Important Documents for Org Leaders (2022-2023)
Request for 4-H Club Visit 
Organizational Leader Chart
Organizational Leaders Monthly Checklist
Sample 4-H Club Constitution and By-Laws
Technology, Social Media, and Your Club
Organizational Leader Report (Due ONLINE November 15)
Thinking About a Fundraiser
Co-Brand Approval Form

Crisis Management Plans

Minneapolis Area Clubs
Salina Area Clubs

Financial Review Information - Due November 15

4-H Club Annual Financial Review

2024 Gavel Games/Model Meetings

Model Meeting Guidelines
Gavel Game Guidelines
Gavel Games/Model Meeting Schedule
Online Registration for Gavel Games & Model Meetings will be emailed to the Organizational Leaders Listserv.

2023-2024 Award Forms - Coming Soon

Family of the Year Nomination Form
4-H Alumni Nomination Form
Friend of 4-H Nomination Form
Volunteer of the Year Nomination Form
Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer Award Nomination Form
Project Award Application Summary
Pin Application Summary
Club Summary
2022-2023 Club Summary Information for Leaders  (attendance sheets)
Appeal Process for Club Summary
Record Book Check Sheet
4-H Year End Check List
Award Details and Helpful Hints for Leaders (03/2022)

Position Description Examples for Club Use

Club Leader
New Family Coordinator
Parents Committee
Project Leader
Presentation Coordinator
Record Keeping Coordinator

4-H Council Fundraiser

Minneapolis Area Organizational Leader Information Sheet
Minneapolis Area Clubs Instruction Sheet
Minneapolis Area Clubs Order Sheet

Boon Supply
Instruction Sheet