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Central Kansas District

Organizational Leaders

Organizational Leader Updates

September 22, 7 p.m. in Salina and September 24, 7 p.m. in Minneapolis
January 21, Zoom Recording
March 30, Zoom Recording
June 30, 7 p.m. Zoom Recording

4-H Club Corner Resources
for Club Leaders & New Family Coordinators

Youth Program Quality Principles
Welcoming New 4-H Members
4-H Greet Sheet
4-H Club Meeting Reflections
Creative Ideas to Enhance Club Meetings
Creative Roll Call Ideas
4-H Club Leader's Toolbox
4-H Club Meeting Agenda
The 4-H Club Meeting Wheel
Kansas 4-H Project Pathway

Leader Forms and Additional Information

Important Documents for Org Leaders (2020-2021)
Organizational Leader Chart
Master Calendar for Org Leaders
Sample 4-H Club Constitution and By-Laws
Technology, Social Media, and Your Club
Organizational Leader Report (Due ONLINE November 1)
Apparel (T-Shirt) Approval Form
Thinking About a Fundraiser

Crisis Management Plans

Minneapolis Area Clubs
Salina Area Clubs

Financial Review Information - Due November 15

4-H Club Annual Financial Review

2021 Gavel Games/Model Meetings

Gavel Games/Model Meeting Schedule
Model Meeting Guidelines
Gavel Game Guidelines
Online Registration for Gavel Games & Model Meetings will be emailed to the Organizational Leaders Listserv.

2020-2021 Award Forms

Family of the Year Nomination Form
4-H Alumni Nomination Form
Friend of 4-H Nomination Form
Volunteer of the Year Nomination Form
Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer Award Nomination Form
Project Award Application Summary
Pin Application Summary
Club Summary
Appeal Process for Club Summary
Record Book Check Sheet
4-H Year End Check List
Award Details and Helpful Hints for Leaders (03/2021)

4-H Council Fundraiser

Minneapolis Area Organizational Leader Information Sheet
Minneapolis Area Clubs Instruction Sheet
Minneapolis Area Clubs Order Sheet

Mixed Bags
Instruction Sheet